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In 2012, the TBHS collaborated with the Baltimore Museum of Industry to host a first-ever of its kind exhibit displaying talking boards from the many eras of its long history. The exhibit, named “Let the Spirit Move You: Ouija, Baltimore’s Mystifying Oracle” highlighted the Ouija’s deep connections to Maryland and Baltimore’s past, from its “invention” by Charles Kennard and/or E.C. Reiche in Chestertown, MD in 1886, to its long history of manufacture in Baltimore from 1890-1966. The exhibit featured boards from throughout Ouija’s evolution, as well as historical artifacts from séances and spirit communication and toys manufactured by Ouija’s parent company.

Guest curated by TBHS founding members Robert Murch and Brandon Hodge, the exhibit featured contributions of talking boards and other artifacts from the collections of Mike Buchner, Calvin Von Crush, Janet Mattei-Romano Curran, Tim Gross, Brandon Hodge, Robert Murch, Andrew Vespia, and William Fuld descendant Kathy Fuld.

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