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In 2007, after a 15-year search, TBHS founder Robert Murch located Elijah Jefferson Bond’s unmarked grave in Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. A year later, together with generous donations from Ouija enthusiasts, the cooperation of the cemetery itself, and the blessing of Bond descendants Walter Dent Jr. (Bond’s great grand nephew!) and his daughter Winifred Pierce, a new memorial monument was erected to mark Bond’s grave and commemorate his involvement with the Ouija.

The headstone was crafted by Tegeler Monuments, and its backside contains the Bond’s iconic talking board drawing from the original Ouija patent. It has since become the cemetery’s most-requested gravesite for visitors. The TBHS would like to recognize and thank the following wonderful donors who donated both their time and money to pay tribute to Bond and recognize his contributions to Ouija’s history.  Thanks to them and the tireless advocacy of Robert Murch, Ouija fans now have a place to visit and pay their respects to the man who first patented a favorite piece of Americana.

Thank You to donors Liz Chow, Christian Day, Dan DuPont, Bob Haber, Mike Jendreski, Ron Kolek, Hugo Lavallee, Darren Lekkerkerker, Maxime LeMieux, Doug Lober, Nevin Markwart, Robert Murch, Don Newman, Eugene Orlando, Joe Overdevest, Mike & Carol Sapol, Mark Schmehl, Brandon Snow, Ernest VanDenBossche, Andrew Vespia, Valerie Warden, and Dan Whitaker.

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