Mikey Buchner
Mike Buchner

Mike Buchner is a native of Maryland, the birthplace of the Ouija Board. He’s been collecting talking boards ever since he received his first one on his 15th birthday, 19 something years ago. At first he was deathly afraid of the thing and would secretly hide it under his brothers bed at night in fear the planchette would start moving on its own (next to his Teddy Ruxpin and My Buddy Doll, that were as equally creepy). Soon after that, Mike learned the Ouija board was invented in his hometown and the boards were stamped with the name William Fuld. Mike’s curiosity of the Ouija Board and William Fuld has taken him on an adventure that continues to this day. Mike is currently a graphic artist by day and on his way to being the next greatest screenwriter. As for his favorite talking board…he says if they were made in Baltimore, they are all his favorite. To learn more about Mike Buchner check out his Facebook Page.